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Addressing Peritoneal Dialysis: In vitro PD Models, in vivo Rodent PD Model, Clinical Biobanks, and Underutilization of PD

The EuTRiPD team was invited by BMRI to be guest editor of a special issue on Peritoneal Dialysis. Click HERE ...
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EuTRiPD team 2015

Patient-friendly dialysis brought a step closer

After four years our EU funded project finishes with some great results: EuTRiPD won't stop. We will carry on with our work ...
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Klaus Kratochwill

EuroPD’s best presentation in basic science: by Klaus Kratochwill

Klaus Kratochwill won the prize for best presentation in basic science during the EuroPD congress in Krakow, Poland, last month ...
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Anna Machowska in South Africa

World Congress of Nephrology

World Congress of Nephrology 2015 The Word Congress of Nephrology this year was for the first time hosted on the African ...
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Katarzyna Bialas


The last weeks I spent on the processing of transcriptomics data of my cell culture experiments. Between the gene and ...
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Marc Vila Cuenca

Systematic chaos

Self-organization is something that nobody teaches you. When you start a project from the beginning, your mind is ...
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