International Gamma Delta T-cells Conference

This year I have been lucky enough to have the possibility not only to attend our conference on PD but also to be selected for a talk on my own research project at the international conference of Gamma delta T cells. This was a three days event organised in Chicago and gathering hundreds of scientist working on gamma delta T cells from all around the world. It was amazing to see how this relatively minor population of T cells was able to get together so many people with different backgrounds, all keen to present their research discoveries. The conference was organized in such a way to give an overview of the main properties of these cells, from their discovery to the latest contributions to immunotherapy.

Photo Moser-Eberl teamIt started with the history of Gamma delta T cells with presentations given by some of the researchers who were among the first to discover them back in the 1980s. It was more than amazing to listen to them talking about their first observations, discussions and hypotheses. Listening to these talks, we all realised that there are so many more ways to study all the features of these cells. It has been extremely rewarding to be able to share my research results and talk with other gamma delta T cells scientists studying, like me, their role during infection. It was a great place for sharing ideas so much that we had the pleasure to start a new collaboration with a group in Stockholm, very exciting!

Overall this was also a great experience as Moser/Eberl group. Most of us had the opportunity to present their own projects but in particular it gave us a chance to hangout all together outside the lab, exploring Chicago followed by a trip to New York afterwards and I have to say we really enjoyed it!!

Anna Rita Liuzzi

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