Pinky and the Brain


...based on a true story...

Pinky: Hey Brain, what do you want to do tonight?

Brain: Conquer the world of PD!!!

Pinky: wow, It sounds interesting! First of all we need a good idea and a lab...

Brain: I know someone who can help us. Are you pondering what I am pondering?

Pinky: oh Lord of cheese! No that crazy girl, please not again!

Brain: Should I remind you that time when because of you...

Pinky: Ok ok! What does she want in exchange?

Brain: Diligence and determination this time TILL THE END of the experiment...NEVER GIVE UP!

Pinky: I think I can do it! LET'S START AGAIN!

Brain: Great!!!


Evelina Ferrantelli


Evelina Ferrantelli

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