Marc Vila CuencaSelf-organization is something that nobody teaches you. When you start a project from the beginning, your mind is fully focused on that. Only sporadic events can disturb the organization of your brain such as meetings, courses as well as small experiments. Maybe, is it time for starting a side project? Your mind starts diving; there are new problems to be solved and the topic differs so much between them that it is becoming chaotic.

After this, you realize that the main project needs an animal experiment to be strong enough. It is time to reorganize everything, search again for literature and design the best procedure for the experiment. In the meantime, the other experiments are still attracting your attention but you do not have time enough for taking care of them in a proper way. At the end, what you're doing is everything and anything at the same time.

You decide to give the priority to the project that you expect to provide you with more outcomes. The other things can wait for the right moment. Within this, your brain makes more space for focusing in this project, which it means that it is more easy to solve the problems and improve the experiment.

Marc Vila

Systematic chaos

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