Peritoneal dialysis (PD) and haemodialysis (HD) are life-saving renal replacement therapies for more than 200.000 patients with chronic kidney disease in Europe, and this number increases annually. Although PD and HD have similar mortality rates, PD offers major advantages in terms of quality of life, costs, home-based treatment opportunities and early patient survival. Moreover, PD, rather than HD, offers opportunities for improvements. Nevertheless, only 10% of patients in Europe are treated with PD. As PD research faced a shortage in workforce and scientific expertise, probably through competition with other specialisations, the absence of a coherent training program and limited trans-European collaboration, the EuTRiPD project was initiated.

EuTRiPD (European Training & Research in PD) started as an European Union funded project which ran between 2011 and 2015 and trained 12 early stage researchers across European research centres. By providing an inter-disciplinary and intersectoral long lasting training programme in PD research, EuTRiPD addressed this need for researchers and clinicians in renal diseases.

As the EuTRiPD project turned out to be very succesful, the scientific team decided to carry on with its goal to advance the current state of the art in PD.
With a team of eight research institutes, one SME and one large private company throughout Europe, EuTRiPD will, together with its partner EuroPD, continue to promote basic research and careers in PD and public awareness.

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