EuroPD Congress and EuTRiPD midterm meeting October 2013
EuTRiPD attended the EuroPD Congress that took place in Maastricht from October 11th untill 14th. The ESRs of EuTRiPD presented their projects during this meeting in an oral presentation on Sunday morning and in a poster session.

An impression of day 2 of the EuroPD meeting, in which a selection of our EuTRiPD team is featured, can be watched here:

Following, on October 14th and 15th the EuTRiPD consortium had a two day session, also in Maastricht, including the midterm meeting of the project.

EuTRiPD Summerschool June 2013
This EuTRiPD Academy took place from June 17th untill 21st, in Vienna, Austria. The in depth topics of this Summerschool were Bioincompatibility and 'Develop your own Start-Up".
During the Summerschool (a.o.) the following speakers were presenting:
Prof.dr. Arbeiter, Dep. of Pediatrics, Medical University of Vienna: "Pediatric PD".
Prof.dr. Vychytil, Dep. of Nephrology, Medical University of Vienna: "The PD-patient: clinical signs of membrane failures and peritonitis."
Prof.dr. Claus Peter Schmitt (Dep. of Pediatric Nephrology, Heidelberg University), and Prof. dr. Peter Rutherford (Medical Director Europe, Middle East and Africa, Baxter Healthcare): Clinical Evidence of Bioincompatibility.

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