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We are Anna Rita Liuzzi and Matthias Eberl, working at the Institute of Infection and Immunity, School of Medicine, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK.

I am Anna Rita Liuzzi, the ESR, originally from Italy. I received my undergraduate training at the University of Parma and after completing my Master's project at the University of Oxford I joined the EuTRiPD Cardiff group in 2012.
My long term career goal is to obtain the right skills to contribute to research on PD.
Outside my work in the laboratory, I enjoy going to the gym and discovering new places in Wales. I can be found online on Facebook or contacted by e-mail.

I am Matthias Eberl, the PI and supervisor and have been involved in PD research since 2007 when I established my laboratory in Cardiff. We work at the interface of basic, translational and clinical research, and have close collaborations with immunologists, biochemists, microbiologists, clinicians and epidemiologists. Our main research is the understanding of the complex processes underlying acute inflammatory responses during acute peritonitis. I can be found online via this LINK.

Our work in EuTRiPD aims to define the molecular and cellular mechanisms constituting diagnostic and prognostic biomarker signatures ("immune fingerprints") in acutely infected patients and identify potential targets that may be exploited to protect the peritoneal membrane.

Anna Rita Liuzzi & Matthias Eberl
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