Are your cells more sensitive to exogenous stress or are they just different? Decreased viability? Abnormal growth rate? Experiments not working as they should or ...
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Biobanking a.k.a. when your phone rings at 3am

I remember reading the first blog from Andras, about getting omentum for his cell culture on Friday afternoon and thinking well, that sounds like a ...
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Big questions, difficult answers

My initial thought was to write a recompilation of all those lovely questions we get as a PhD student from our friends and family, with ...
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PhD Thesis

Everything has its end. I am glad we had this opportunity to travel within PD research. And the result of this is the PhD thesis ...
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EuTRiPD presented during Annual Dialysis Conference

EuTRiPD project gives us - PhD students - incredible training, collaboration and travelling opportunities what most definitely makes it unique in the worldwide perspective. Recently, ...
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