Anna Machowska presented EuTRiPD at the Baltic Dialysis School

Anna Machowska participated in the „Baltic Dialysis School: Advances in Peritoneal Dialysis“, which took place on May 19-20, 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Her presentation on "European training and research in PD - a network to deliver scientific peritoneal dialysis training" gave the key facts about EuTRiPD and information on ojectives, methods and outcomes. This event was a great opportunity to increase awareness of the EuTRiPD project.

More information about the premier peritoneal dialysis conference in the Baltics can be found here.

EuroPD Congress News: poster of ESR Evelina Ferrantelli has been awarded

Evelina Ferrantelli EuroPDDuring the EuroPD Congress, that took place in Krakow from October 2 - 5, 2015, ESR Evelina Ferrantelli won the prize for presenting the best poster. PI Klaus Kratochwill won the prize for best presentation in Basic Science.


Both ESRs as PI's of the EuTRiPD were interviewed during the EuroPD congress.
Click here for the movie of Day 2 of EuroPD Krakow, starring our ESRs Anna Maschowska, Andras Rudolf, Katarzyna Bialas, Maria Bartosova, Edyta Kawka, Melisa Lopez-Anton.
Click here for the movie of Day 3 of EuroPD Krakow, with PI's Donald Fraser and Klaus Kratochwill, and ESRs Marc Vila Cuenca, Georgios Liappas, Anna Rita Liuzzi, Evelina Ferrantelli and Silvia Tarantino.
In this short movie PI Janusz Witowski tells about EuroPD and the spread of basic science knowledge.

EuTRiPD Early Stage Researcher selected as one of the best abstracts at the largest European Nephrology Meeting

The abstract of young researcher Georgios Liappas with the title Early Leukocyte Activation Antigen CD69 Limits Peritoneal Fibrosis By Regulating The T Helper 17/Regulatory T Cell Balance has been selected as one of the Best Abstracts presented by Young Authors at ERA-EDTA. He presented his poster on May 29th (abstract number FP549).

Papers from Annual Dialysis Meeting accepted into Advances in PD

Two papers of ESR Anna Machowska submitted for the Annual Dialysis Meeting (New Orleans, 31 January - 3 February, 2015) are accepted into advances in PD.

The paper European Training and Research in Peritoneal Dialysis (EuTRiPD) a network to deliver scientific PD training to a new generation of researchers describes the European collaboration project EuTRiPD. Click HERE to read the paper.

The paper Offering Patients Therapy Options in Unplanned Start (OPTiONS): development and implementation of an education programme for unplanned start (UPS) patients describes the development and implementation of an educational programme to support patients who are starting dialysis in unplanned way to make informed modality choices. Click HERE to read the paper.

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