Evelina Ferrantelli EuroPDDuring the EuroPD Congress, that took place in Krakow from October 2 - 5, 2015, ESR Evelina Ferrantelli won the prize for presenting the best poster. PI Klaus Kratochwill won the prize for best presentation in Basic Science.


Both ESRs as PI's of the EuTRiPD were interviewed during the EuroPD congress.
Click here for the movie of Day 2 of EuroPD Krakow, starring our ESRs Anna Maschowska, Andras Rudolf, Katarzyna Bialas, Maria Bartosova, Edyta Kawka, Melisa Lopez-Anton.
Click here for the movie of Day 3 of EuroPD Krakow, with PI's Donald Fraser and Klaus Kratochwill, and ESRs Marc Vila Cuenca, Georgios Liappas, Anna Rita Liuzzi, Evelina Ferrantelli and Silvia Tarantino.
In this short movie PI Janusz Witowski tells about EuroPD and the spread of basic science knowledge.

EuroPD Congress News: poster of ESR Evelina Ferrantelli has been awarded

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