As one of the main aims of EuTRiPD was to make peritoneal dialysis present in public awareness, the program from its beginning was propagated amongst a broad spectrum of audiences. During the last four years the experts from the field of peritoneal dialysis had the chance to hear about EuTRiPD during world and European PD conferences, and also the nephrologists and other specialists were informed about the program by consortium members locally in different ways. The increasing of PD awareness is, however, a permanent task and needs to reach also the non-experts groups.

On the 14th of April I had the opportunity to present EuTRiPD to students during the conference Youth in the World of Science - 2nd Meeting for High School and University Students organized by Poznan University of Medical Sciences for more than 600 students of Poznan Universities and schools from Poznan and Greater Poland District. With the lecture European Training & Research in Peritoneal Dialysis – presentation on EU founded program, besides the general knowledge about peritoneal dialysis and directions of its development, it was also thaught to show how academic research is translated to clinical practice of PD and to show the opportunities given by interdisciplinary, intersectoral, trans-European networking within EuTRiPD for improvement of PD.

I think that presenting the program to students in long term perspective could result in increasing awareness of PD amongst the future nephrologists and therefore PD will be more often considered as an option for renal replacement therapy during treatment of patients. In case of students, who are planning to do a PhD – maybe they will also consider a career in PD, to support the PD research community in the future.


Katarzyna Bialas

Click HERE for the 160414_Presentation _Poznan

and HERE for the abstract: 160414-Poznan_Katarzyna Bialas

Katarzyna Bialas

EuTRiPD presented to students in Poznan (Poland)

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