vumc-84Spanish Research Council (CSIC)

We are Manuel López Cabrera and Georgios Liappas working in the Center of Molecular Biology (CBMSO) and Hospital Universitario La Paz in Madrid in Spain.

I am Georgios, the ESR and originally I am from Greece. I received my undergraduate training in the field of Pharmacology at the University of Athens (Kapodistrian University of Athens) with part time in the School of Pharmacy (UCL, London) before joining EuTRiPD in 2012. My long term career goal is to be a succesfull researcher in the area of peritoneal dialysis and other nephrology-based areas.
Outside my work in the laboratory I enjoy travelling and going out with the people I get on well with and I can be found online on Skype (skype-name: georgeliappas).

I am Manuel, the PI and have been involved in PD research for more than 12 years. The overall research areas in my laboratory include the study of the role of epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) in peritoneal fibrosis and metastasis.
Outside my lab and clinical work I enjoy listening music and practicing sports, especially martial arts and I can be found online on Skype (skype-name: mlcabrera59).

Our work together in EuTRiPD looks at the study of EMT-promoting stimuli operating in vivo, including inflammation, oxidative stress and AGEs using in vivo PD models in wild-type and genetically modified mice.

López Cabrera & Georgios Liappas
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