The Madrid team (CSIC) published about the effect of paracalcitol on peritoneal fibrosis in October 2014: click HERE.

The EuTRiPD Amsterdam team published in Journal of Renal care in January 2014: click HERE.

Joint publications of the EuTRiPD Poznan-Berlin teams:
The proto-oncogene c-Fos transcriptionally regulates VEGF production during peritoneal inflammation
Regulation of Chemokine CCL5 Synthesis in Human Peritoneal Fibroblasts: A Key Role of IFN-?

A publication of the EuTRiPD Heidelberg team in Topthema Paediatrie can be read HERE.

About (EuTRi)PD

Publications of Principal Investigator professor Nick Topley and his Cardiff University team:
Fight against peritoneal membrane failure advances

Interleukin-6 Signaling Drives Fibrosis in Unresolved Inflammation

In September 2013 EuTRiPD was mentioned in a publication on patients with kidney failure, in REMEDIE, the newsletter of Cardiff University. See page 3.

Our Principal Investigator professor Nick Topley wrote a publication on PD. Click HERE to read.


Coordinator Rob Beelen presented the project and some of its highlights and results during the ERA_EDTA 2014 in Amsterdam. Find the presentation HERE.

Three of the EuTRiPD ESRs presented the project during the Kidney Research UK Fellows Days in Durham, September 2013. Find their poster HERE.

During the ERA-EDTA congres in May 2012 Prof.dr. Christoph Auftricht presented the EuTRiPD project and its goals. You can find the handout of this presentation HERE.

Want to learn more on peritoneal dialysis, please look at the informative Baxter presentations "How to do PD","How does the peritoneal membrane work" and "Choosing and Planning PD".

In the press

Principal Investigator Nick Topley from Cardiff University was interviewed by on PD: Local vs Systemic Inflammatory Effects on Survival.

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