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We are Maria Bartosova and Claus Schmitt working together at the University Hospital Heidelberg in Germany.

I am Maria, the ESR and originally I am from Bratislava. I received my undergraduate training at the Comenius University before joining EuTRiPD in 2012. My long term career goal is to become a succesfull researcher in the area of clinical research and to help patients in their fight agains illnesses.
Outside my work in the laboratory I enjoy meeting my friends, doing sports and especially getting to know new places, cultures and people while travelling and I can be found online on Facebook.

I am Claus Schmitt, the PI and have been involved in PD research for 15 years. In the clinics I mainly work with children suffering from chronic renal failure and from liver failure.
The time remaining outside my lab and clinical work I enjoy my family, sports and reading.

Together, our work in EuTRiPD aims at defining the mechanisms for peritoneal membrane transformation and strategies to improve PD tolerability and efficacy. Beyond PD most children do not have any relevant comorbidity affecting the peritoneum and are therefore exquisitely suited for such analyses. In cooperation with numerous international centres and Betti Schöfer as coordinatior we're running a biobank of children's peritoneal and omental samples as part of the International PD Biopsy Study in Children.

Maria Bartosova & Claus Peter Schmitt
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