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We are Donald Fraser and Melisa Lopez-Anton and work in the Institute of Molecular and Experimental Medicine (IMEM), Cardiff in Wales (UK).

I am Melisa, the ESR and originally I am from Spain. I received my undergraduate training at the University of Valencia and my postgraduate education at the University Pompeu Fabra before joining EuTRiPD in 2012. My long term career goal is to develop a sound methodological and theoretical background that will allow me to run my own research group in the future.
Outside my work in the laboratory I enjoy travelling and finding new places and people, being physically active at the gym, watching live music and spending time with my friends. I can be found online onLinkedin and via email.

I am Donald, the PI and supervisor and have been involved in PD research for 10 years. The overall research areas in my laboratory include mechanisms of scarring in the peritoneum and kidney, most particularly the role of non-coding RNAs such as microRNAs.
Outside my lab and clinical work I enjoy lots of things, particularly at the moment cooking, and I always enjoy spending time with friends and family. I can be reached via email.

Our work together in EuTRiPD looks at the role of microRNAs in peritoneal fibrosis. We are working to understand what microRNAs may do to help determine the behavior of mesothelial cells, and how manipulating microRNAs might help protect the peritoneum from the injury that accompanies peritoneal dialysis.

Note: PI Nick Topley from Cardiff University is not depicted on this photo.

Melisa Lopez-Anton & Donald Fraser
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